Sun Potion Anandamide Reviews: Is It Pure Anandamide or Does It Work?

Sun Potion, also known as Sun Potion Transformational Foods, is an American supplement company dedicated to health, happiness, and well-being through the use of medicinal plants, superfoods, and tonic herbs.

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Sun Potion is characterized by natural Supplements & Organic Superfoods, including YIN Power, ashwagandha, anandamide, etc.

Sun Potion Anandamide Formula and Specifications

Anandamide is a bliss molecule, and Sun Potion’s Anandamide is named after the cannabinoid neurotransmitter “Anandamide” which is unique to humans and has been scientifically documented to inspire an experience of a blissful state- Ananda- upon eating. Sun Potion Anandamide is a supplement that is claimed to help improve your mood and focus.

Sun Potion Formula

Sun Potion Anandamide is a combination of more than 15 ingredients such as Raw Cacao, Tocos, Mucuna Pruriens, Ashwagandha, Reishi Mushroom, Astragalus, Suma, Moringa, Rose Petals, Cardamom, Turmeric, Cayenne, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, and Himalayan Salt Crystals.

It’s made with natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about side effects. You don’t need to take this every day, but when you do take it, the benefits are amazing!

The Sun Potion Anandamide reviews made by their users show that people love the way it makes them feel and think more clearly.

However, the anandamide supplement is not the real anandamide extract standardized to 98% or 99%. We even don’t know the exact concentration. Maybe we should call it raw cacao powder blend instead of anandamide powder. The amount of anandamide in chocolate ranges from 0.05-57 micrograms per gram of chocolate or cocoa.

The amount of Sun Potion Anandamide can be even lower.

The potency of Sun Potion for mood and focus is not sure to derive from the low content of anandamide from the raw cacao, or from other stimulant compounds like theobromine. It’s just a mix of too many herbs and plants, and which is effective and functions are still unknown.

Raw cacao

Raw cacao is an ancient superfood that contains powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants help to combat free radicals in the body, which cause inflammation and cellular damage. Raw cacao tastes delicious on its own or combined with other ingredients like honey, dates, vanilla beans, cinnamon, ginger root powder, or peppermint leaves. Sun Potion Anandamide supplement is crafted in small batches and said to be grounded from Arriba Nacional cacao. The pods are shade grown in thriving Jungle ecosystems in Ecuador, then harvested, fermented, and sun-dried with integrity.

From this description, we can conclude that Sun Potion’s Anandamide is just a raw power of cacao plants, and no extra extraction and purification process.

chemical constituents in raw cacao

Cocao contains various phytochemicals, such as flavanols (including epicatechin), procyanidins, and other flavonoids, which are under preliminary research for their possible cardiovascular effects. The highest levels of cocoa flavanols are found in raw cocoa and to a lesser extent, dark chocolate since flavonoids degrade during cooking used to make chocolate.

Cocoa also contains the stimulant compounds theobromine and caffeine. The beans contain between 0.1% and 0.7% caffeine, whereas dry coffee beans are about 1.2% caffeine.

Some of the chemical constituents found in raw cacao include:

– Theobromine, which is a stimulant that can be too stimulating for some folks by causing insomnia. It’s also an antioxidant and it dilates blood vessels (which may help with circulation)

– Phenylethylamine, know as “PEA” to bodybuilders. PEA increases moods such as happiness and contentment while increasing energy levels. For this reason, many pre workout supplements contain PEA so athletes have more strength during training sessions. There are varying opinions on whether or not these effects from taking cocoa powder orally will occur due to its low concentration (<0.00074%).

– Caffeine is another stimulant that can cause insomnia and anxiety. It’s also an antioxidant but it has no effect on the body if simply taken orally without other ingredients such as coffee or tea

– Iron which helps with our muscular activity. Some people have trouble absorbing iron from food sources so consuming cocoa powder may help them improve their health by getting more of this nutrient

Final Content: sun potion anandamide reviews cal constituents in raw cacao

Tonic herbs

What are tonic herbs? Tonic herbs are plants that have the ability to restore balance and function in the body. They can be used for an assortment of things such as: alleviating mental fatigue, enhancing physical stamina, or boosting immunity. Some popular tonic herbs include cordyceps, reishi mushrooms (fungi), and goji berries.

Some examples of these types of plants are turmeric root, ginger root, cinnamon bark/cassia leaf extracts, licorice extract (root), green tea leaves with polyphenols, and ashwagandha root powder.

How to take

Add 2 generous spoonfuls of Sun Potion Anandamide to water or tea. Excellent addition to raw milk potions, smoothies, elixirs, cold-pressed coffee, coconut cream, creative brainstorms, and fun!

Comments: normally, standardized Anandamide extract supplements are in capsules, not added to tea or water.

Where to buy pure anandamide powder?

Obviously, Sun Potion Anandamide is not pure anandamide. Sun Potion Anandamide supplement is just a name with anandamide in it. However, anandamide concentration is very low and it’s only the raw cacao with some raw herbs. If you want to increase your anandamide levels by taking Sun Potion’s Anandamide, it probably won’t work well.

You may consider AEAJOY-branded pure anandamide, PEA, or OEA supplement that can increase AEA level indirectly.